Work at Home

Working at home to generate income can be quite rewarding and satisfying; and more and more people today are opting to drop out of the "rat race" and going to work, either part time or full time, at home.

Who might be interested in and benefit from this?

WAHM is a broad phrase used to describe many people of different circumstances and situations, not just moms. So, we'll think of the term to include dads, kids, students, grandparents . . .

Retirees, sellers of services, egoods and hard goods, internet marketers, network marketers. webmasters and people who want to grow an existing online or offline business. The list could go on and on.

While there are considerable attractions to doing this, the decision to do so should be made thoughtfully.

You'll have freedom from commuting, saving time and money; you won't have to wear "uniforms"; no time clocks, coworker interruptions or supervision.

You will have more control over your environment; you can grant yourself a nice office.

There are important responsibilities, however, to be able to avail yourself of the many advantages; and they mostly come down to discipline.

To gain freedom from some things means you will need to have discipline over others, most noteably, yourself.

If you want more control, then you must BE in control.

While you may not have coworker interruptions, you may have family responsibilities to interrupt you.

You may escape the supervision and assignments you had "on the job"; but now you must supervise yourself and your environment and make the assignments, set the deadlines and take the actions necessary to "get it done".

This is not for everyone, for sure; but, if after careful consideration, you feel this might be right for you, then congratulations! And welcome aboard.

Brief suggestions to get started:

*now you provide office equipment, expenses, supplies

*make annual, monthly, weekly and daily goals and plans

*it will take investment but not necessarily a lot of money

*it will take time and commitment (it's worth it; stick with it)

*do your due diligence first; do your homework

*your journey can be simple and easy; or neither; get good help

*do not pay someone to a job for them

*health benefits are provided by you

*stay away from "get rich quick" pitches; stay legitimate

*avoid distractions; they are many, frequent and tempting

*separate work from family, friends and chores

*get all the best help you can

*you can build a money making website

*enjoy the freedom and rewards; accept the responsibilities

*"when the student is ready, the teacher will appear"

Conceive it; believe it; achieve it . . . then receive it

Working at home can be rewarding and satisfying.

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