Monetize and Make WebsiteMoney

Websitemoney is your goal, right?

Once your website is constructed with excellent content, appealing to those search engines we talked about (which creates traffic) and then makes your searchers (potential clients) happy, you can then monetize it and make some websitemoney.

You do not have nor do you want to oversell; but if someone wants to buy, make it easy and enjoyable, and let her!

There are quite a number of ways to make money with your website and to market it, such as affiliate marketing, advertising, writing articles, blogging, ecommerce, network marketing, and so on.

You can sell hard goods; you can sell products and services for others; you can let advertisers get in front of your visitors; you can blog and write articles which are informative as well as direct people to your site; and many others.

Let us emphasize once again though, you do not need to oversell; nor do you want to. Let people buy; just be sure to give them the opportunity when they are ready.

Deliver desired content to your visitors, and they will buy what they want or need if you make it easy and comfortable . . . and you earn legitimate websitemoney!!

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