How to Get Traffic to Your Website

With an online business, people, your website traffic, need to be able to find you; but you must remember, they are most probably not looking for you . . . at least not yet!

And most importantly, you want them to enjoy their visit when they do find you, satisfy their needs, come back often and tell others about you.

Recall the real estate mantra “location, location, location”? You try to put an offline business where people (traffic) will be able to find you and get to you easily . . . or where a lot of potential clients might already be and see you.

The way they find you is a little different with an online business (in the beginning anyway).

We’ll call them searchers; and they are looking for “information, information, information”, our new mantra.

They conduct their searches and find you via search engines; and they do it with words; they’re called keywords,

So o o o , our website must be constructed and written so as to appeal to the words (keywords) searchers and search engines like and use, so when they want something you have, they can find YOU!

In the beginning this will very well be the primary way you get found . . . searchers will find you with words they give search engines that match keywords you have on your website.

However, in the larger sense and in the longer view, it’s your reputation that matters most. You want people to tell other people how to find you . . . and you want them to have a good experience at your site, stay a while and want to come back.

Think for a minute, of the most successful restaurant in your local area. It might have a great location; it might advertise; it might be in the yellow pages; it might have a website . . .

But it’s long term success, the reason it’s full most of the time, is because people like (even love) what they get when they go there (great food, great service, great quality and value, personality, fun, respect . . . )

It’s also true for your internet business, website, blog . . .

Online, people do not usually expect to find a good steak when they turn on their computer; but they do expect to find the information and solutions they seek. If they do find your site, make sure they find them there.

In the restaurant example above, people got a lot of what they wanted, maybe even more, and were therefore glad to give this business their business, and probably often.

Good quality content is what encourages this repeat and return traffic online; that’s what makes you money and success.

Give your reader lots of quality information that makes them feel good and satisfies their wants and needs.

If you love what you do and show it, your visitors will know it.

With an online business, just as with an offline one, people (website traffic) need to be able to find you initially; but you want them to enjoy themselves, satisfy their needs, and come back often and tell others about you.

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