Wealth Secrets

The secrets of wealth are much more aligned with our core values than simply making money.

The states of our well being, personally, professionally, spiritually, environmentally, as well as financially, determine it; and it is measured by the actual condition of all things that make life worthwhile.

The "capital" of life contains human capital (the knowledge, skills and competencies we have that enable the creation of personal, social and economic well being), social capital (value of our relationships), and natural capital (nature's assets)

However, making money is still important to most of us when it comes to paying bills!

If making money and/or accummulating it occupies a position of importance in your list of real values, then you will no doubt find ways to do it.

You may want to make money working for someone else; you may want, or need, to make money at home or on your own; you may want to make money on the internet; you may want to build a money making website.

You may want to get rich quick, or you may want to do it the old fashioned way and get rich slowly.

But what if it happens that something else ranks higher on your values? What about happiness? love? health? spirituality? wisdom? peace?

These are not exclusive of one another; but the truth is you will expend the time and effort toward getting and securing what is most important to you.

So, what is the meaning of wealth?

Regardless of the real importance of making money, its secrets are ultimately defined by the conditions and well being of our cherished values.

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