The Importance of Water

The importance of water and hydration cannot be over emphasized.

Water is a critical ingredient of good nutrition. We cannot live without it, and do not live as well without enough of it.

Between sixty-five and seventy percent of body weight is water; almost 83% of our blood is composed of it as well as 85% of our brains; 75% of our muscles; even our bones are almost 1/4 water.

It helps flush toxins from the body; it also helps to deliver nutrients throughout our system, thus nourishing and protecting vital organs such as heart, kidneys, skin and brain.

It helps regulate body temperature and is particularly important before, during, and after exercise , since it is expelled via respiration and evaporation. It is suggested to drink an extra 8oz for each twenty minutes of exercise.

Drinking enough is important in weight loss and control, raising metbolism and promoting good digestion.

Each of us should drink 5-8 eight ounce glasses of water, minimum, every day to keep the body hydtated and functioning well. You will be dehydrated before you feel thirsty.

Some recommend more. You can divide your weight by two to get the number of ounces recommended by some.

If you eat a healthy diet , rich in fruits and vegetables, you may figure 20% of your needs are net this way. Other liguids count like soft drinks (watch the calories) and clear soup (watch the sodium) and coffee (watch the caffeine)

It is estimated one could live several weeks without food; perhaps a few days without water.

The importance of water and hydration is critical for your good health.

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