Benefits of Walking and Health

Walking is credited with more overall health benefits than most forms of physical activity.

It can improve your sleep, self esteem, energy, balance, stress, disease prevention, muscle strength and tone, cardiovascular fitness, weight and cholesterol management, blood pressure, mood, and . . . your overall sense of well being, fitness and health.

It doesn't get much better that that, folks, especially from a single activity that most of us have been doing one way or another most of our lives.

Those who may have experienced stroke, TIA, chronic illness or trauma may not find things like this as efforless as we once did.

In these circumstances, though, it can often then become a crucial source for recovery.

Many offer excellent a perhaps lengthy explanations; in our opinion, simple explanations are often preferable:

It helps improve blood circulation, works many muscles, helps deliver more oxygen to the body and brain, contributes to endorphin production, and is low impact.

If you already have a good exercise routine, keep it up. If you have been inactive or recovering from TIA or stroke, or have chronic illness, talk with your doctor before introducing a new exercise regimen into your life.

Set goals and keep track of your progress; be challenging but realistic. Don't be too hard on yourself or create unrealistic expectations. Slower, deliberate progress is preferable.

We each have different needs and levels of fitness; your goals and expectations should accommodate YOUR needs and abilities, not someone else's.

You will want to have good shoes; your feet and how you take care of them, especially when walking, can affect your whole body and quality of your exercise.

Many say a brisk thirty minutes a day, five days a week, is recommended; or two or three miles a day. You can break these into two shorter sessions per day.

My grandfather started walking five miles a day when he was 60; now he's 97 . . . and we don't know where he is!

Walking is credited with more overall health benefits than most forms of physical activity. It'll put a smile on your face and a glow to your cheeks.

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