Values and the Seven Virtues

The values known as the Seven Virtues are commonly associated with Christianity, but four of them are credited to the philosopher Plato and are referred to as the four cardinal virtues (prudence, justice, restraint, courage)

The next three (faith, hope, love) were added later and are often referred to as theological or spiritual and are credited to St Paul in the New Testament; later Pope Gregory combined and defined them as these seven virtues:

They are: (with our words)

TEMPERANCE - (moderation, restraint)

JUSTICE - (fairness)

PRUDENCE - (economy, discretion)

FORTITUDE - (courage, diligence)

CHARITY - (generosity, love)

HOPE - (desire with positive expectation)

FAITH - (belief)

The values known as the Seven Virtues are often associated with Christianity but also have Greek roots.

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