Grandpa's Prioritized List of Values

As noted on the individual values page, we asked the person we all call grandpa around here to do the exercise of paring down fifty individual values to ten. He took three passes as follows:

achievement, affluence, calmness, candor, chastity, commitment, compassion, courage, dependability, discipline, education, empathy, faith, family, fidelity, fitness, health, generosity, honesty, hygiene, independence, intimacy, joy, justice, knowledge, love, loyality, optimism, peace, perserverence, presense, reason, respect, reverence, self reliance, simplicity, sincerity, solitude, spirituality, thankfulness, trust, truth, wisdom, kindness, mindfulness, moderation, honor, charity, endurence, happiness

commitment, courage, dependability, faith, family, fitness, health, independence, knowledge, love, loyality, optimism, peace, perseverence, presence, reverence, self reliance, solitude, thankfulness, wisdom

courage, family, love, independence, loyality, optimism, presence, self reliance, solitude, wisdom

commitment, courage, health, independence, love, loyality, optimism, peace, wisdom, happiness

As you can see, there were changes each pass; and only five made the cut all the way to the top ten: courage, independence, love, loyality, and optimism

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