Benefits of Tai Chi and Your Health

The benefits of tai chi exercise improve your health. It is a gentle way to achieve overall fitness, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

It is a holistic health exercise to gain and maintain good health, recover from illness, and enhance spiritual and personal development.

It is well suited for older practioners, and even those with disabilities. It incorporates low impact aerobic exercise, slow and gentle body movements, breathing exercise, stretching, and meditation.

It can be practiced almost anywhere, alone or in concert with others, preferably in fresh air.

Originating over 2000 years ago, monks first used it to enhance concentration and well being. It was not taught or even available to most throughout its history but is popular now in both East and West cultures.

Research suggests it can complement Western medicine, such as with high blood pressure, enhanced cardiovascular health, and recovery after stroke.

Benefits of this exercise include:

*stress reduction

*improved cardiovascular function

*greater stamina, vitality and agility

*enhanced immune system

*increased feeling of well being and awareness

*improved muscle strength

*better balance

*lower risk of falling

*lessening of joint stiffness and pain

*better sleep

*improved breaathing and respirtory system

The benefits of tai chi improve your overall health.

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