Sleep and Your Health

Sleep contributes to the overall health of your body, mind and spirit.

This is when your body has the opportunity to cleanse and rejuvenate, detox and restore.

We cannot live without it, and even partial deprivation has negative consequences: fuzzy memory, lack of concentration, fatigue, aches and pains, increased stress levels, inflammation, greater risk of heart disease and stroke, irritability and more.

It gives your body a chance to repair at the cellular level, which is made necessary by damage when we are awake, like from sun and wind, air pollution, infections and stress, for instance.

It helps maintain your cardiovascular system, thus improving blood pressure and heart and stroke risk.

Skin is rejuvenated and repaired; and body weight is better controlled and maintained, since hormones that regulate appetite are better regulated.

It allows your brain to process and organize information and keep you from having that foggy head in the morning or during the day and having difficulty with memory and/or concentration.

We recommend . . .

*go to bed as early as possible, say before 10pm

*keep regular and consistent hours, even if during the day

*get at least 7-9 hours daily

*naps are good, but 8 hours after and 8 hours before normal time

*meditation and relaxation are also restorative

*if you must eat before, make it fruit

If you have chronic problems, get professional advice. There are solutions, but you must ask for help.

Your good mental and physical health depend, along with exercise and good nutrition , on enough good rest.

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