Recovery for Good Health

Coping and living every day for recovery and maximum health of your body, mind and soul is what you do for yourself to make your life better.

You may not do everything in all the same ways you used to, or maybe not as quickly, but definitely keep living in every way possible.

Even though things may have changed, you may find that some things have changed for the better; and that you have the power to make other things better.

Strive every day for the best active life you can achieve; your body, mind and spirit will appreciate it and reward you.

Muscle exercise, walking, swimming, tai chi yoga, dancing and stretching are all good for you. Let your doctor know what you are doing; but do not let others (including yourself) tell you you cannot do something without understanding why.

Be gentle with yourself, and breathe deeply. It's ok if you do things slower and more methodically; you might find that slower is a pretty good thing. And get your rest; you can nap, read, meditate or relax.

You may have to change the way you do things and manage differently; that's a lot of what this is all about.

If you can walk at all, then walk, walk walk . . . and walk some more. Walking is a complex body and brain exercise that many of us may have taken for granted at one time but now find ourselves needing to retrain our bodies and brains to do what they once did effortlessly. The best way to do that is . . . DO IT!!

Nutrition is important. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables (yeah, your mom was right) and nuts; limit the red meat (if you eat animals at all). Vitamins and supplements can be helpful, even necessary; but do let your doctor know what you are taking or want to take.

And drink lots of water.

Keep your mind stimulated, have a positive attitude, laugh a lot and at yourself, and always affirm your recovery and good health.

Coping and living every day for recovery and good health is what you do for yourself to make your life better.

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