Benefits of Nutrition and Your Health

Good nutrition and what we eat is the best single way to have good health, to live longer and avoid disease; good medicine, many benefits.

We should all be consuming primarily a plant based diet, such as a vegetarian, a mediterranean or an asian diet, along with plenty of water and exercise.

These diets do not always totally avoid animal products, but they are very low in red meat and high fat dairy. Even some vegetarians eat some eggs and cheese.

A healthy diet will be rich in whole grains,fruits and vegetables; it will be low in saturated fats; it will provide enough calories but not too much; and it will call for plenty of water.

This will be healthy and nutritious for most people; but if you have special needs which call for certain vitamins or medications, consult with your doctor about supplementing your diet.

The three primary plant based diets mentioned above are similar in many ways, such as emphasizing fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, water, moderate alcohol, exercise and limiting red meat.

Generally, a vegetarian does not eat something that had to be killed to be eaten.

There are, however, lacto-vegetarians, who will consume dairy, and ovo-vegetarians, who will consume eggs and foods made with them.

There are what some refer to as strict, almost, mostly; and then there is vegan, who is a vegetarian with an animal rights value system as well. Vegans do not use leather products, for example.

While many choose to be vegetarians mostly for nutritional and health reasons, there are many who adhere to this type of diet for ethical and moral, religious, environmental and economic and psychological reasons.

What do healthy vegetarians eat? Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds, and unrefined plant oils. They drink plenty of water, a moderate amount of alcohol, and lead an active lifestyle with adequate exercise.

They eat mostly whole foods and get their nutrients and fiber from consuming a variety of foods each day. And, as mentioned above, there are some who eat eggs and dairy.

Vegetarian diets can be delicious and fully nutritious. Supplements may be taken, though, if food choices, age, gender or particular lifestyle suggest or require it.

Another very healthy, and perhaps easier for some, way of eating is referred to as the Mediterranean Diet.

Those who practice this way of eating also derive much of their nutrition from plant sources such as fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts and seeds.

A couple of times a week fish or poultry is eaten; moderate dairy daily; eggs perhaps a couple times per week; and red meat once or twice a month.

Fresh food is emphasized; olive oil is the chief source of fat; and wine is often taken with meals.

Healthy people adhering to this diet tend also to lead active lifestyles, get plenty of exercise and drink adequate amounts of water.

The Asian Diet is also similar in that it relies mostly on plant based foods.

Rice provides a majority of calories along with moderate amounts of animal products.

It has been shown that those who practice this way of eating on average are healthy, lean, have less disease and live longer.

All three of these variations on a primarily plant based diet are very healthy.

By eliminating, or greatly reducing, animal products from your diet you are possibly doing the single most important thing for your health and longevity.

Animal products contain high levels of saturated fat and sodium, which contribute to high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which contribute to cardiovascular disease, causing heart ahd brain attacks.

It makes good nutritional sense to adopt a plant based diet.

Good nutrition and what we eat is the best single way to have good health, to live longer and avoid disease. It's good medicine.

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