What is the Mind?

The popular usage of it regards it as synonymous with thought. But, as you might imagine, it can get much more involved and complicated than that.

Theories are recorded from Lao Tzu, the Buddha, Aristotle and other greek, Indian and Islamic philosophers as well.

Thinking and thought is forming concepts and ideas, solving problems, reasoning, making decisions by arranging and minipulating information cerebrally.

There are theories and studies in philopophy, psychology, sociology, coomputer science, religion and neuroscience designed to describe, analyze and define it and all its aspects.

Although it is tempting to entertain exploring all these, it is quite beyond our current scope. We will stay with the popular one of thought and thinking,

The importance of thinking, what we think and how it molds and shapes our lives; how we see and visualize what we think about and the control or randomness of the process, along with what we believe, determines who we are .

What goes on in the mind is your reality.

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