Benefits of Laughter for Your Health

Laughter is a powerful prescription for your well being and benefits the health of your mind, body and spitit.

Most everyone likes to do it but might be surprised, and delighted, to learn just how beneficial it is.

It can . . .

*reduce stress and release tension

*help lower blood pressure

*improve mood, enhance positive attitude and increase hope

*be contagious, thus help others too

*strengthen cardiovascular functions

*aid muscle tone

*exercise lungs and respiratory function and oxygenate the body

*help prevent heart disease

*relax the whole body, mind and soul

*boost the immune system

*create joy and beauty and improve quality of life

*enhance relationships

Norman Cousins, diagnosed with autoimmune disease, wrote a book in the 1970's, Anatomy of an Illness: A Patient's Perspective, based on his experience with humor and disease.

Cousins felt that if stress made a condition worse, humor could make it better; he prescribed regular and frequent laughing for himself and watched Marx Brothers films and Candid Camera episodes for therapy.

His disease went into remission, his book became a best seller, and medical reseachers like Dr. Leo Berk led the way to what we refer to now as laughter therapy.

Scientific study suggests it may change brain chemistry, possibly releasing endorphines and raising seratonin levels.

Children do it more often than adults and instinctively understand it's healthy and makes you feel better.

It's a universal language. We all do it.

Make laughter the medicine for the good health of your mind, body and spitit.

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