Essence of Happiness - Secrets or Choice?

Aristotle described the essence of happiness as the meaning and purpose of life; Albert Schweitzer thought of it as nothing more than health and a poor memory; Mathieu Ricard regards it as above all a love of life; and Charles Schulz saw happiness as a warm puppy.

The word is ambiguous, one of the ideas and concepts we have chosen to leave intentionally vague so our individual interpretations are by necessity personal and our own.

Sociologists might say it is the degree to which a person evaluates the overall quality of his life positively.

James Montier concluded, after reviewing existing research, that it comprises three conponents: genetic set point, circumstances, and intentional activity.

Genetic set point says we are predisposed to a certain level (this, he says, accounts for about half of our happiness) circumstances, like age, gender, race wealth, etc, account for 10%; which leaves about 40% to our own discretion or what we choose to do, think and feel.

Here's how to be happy:

*like yourself - people who respect themselves are happier

*cultivate a positive attitude - be optimistic

*be with and get to know people

*go through the motions - act like it, and it will become natural

*have faith and hope - trust yourself and a larger force

*believe you choose and control your own destiny - you do

*get it done -do your chores and love your work

*be thankful and grateful - want what you have

*have a sense of humor - laugh, play and smile. . . a lot

The essence of happiness is not a secret at all but waiting for you to create your own.

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