Goals . . Plans . . Actions . . Secrets

You must have goals, plans to achieve them and take the actions necessary to make them happen if you are to receive the important things you want. These are some of the secrets to your success.

You actually do this all the time without thinking too much consciously about it when the process is not too involved or complicated.

When what you want is something bigger, more involved or complicated or takes longer, however, you need to document and formalize your intentions.

Going to the grocery store takes some thought and a checklist to do it effectively and efficiently; taking a two week ski vacation may require a bit more planning; a trip to the moon requires volumes of intentions and instructions before anyone turns a bolt.

For lots of reasons, some people find it much easier than others to organize and write this all down.

Others groan and procrastinate.

If you want to increase the likelihood you will actually get something or somewhere worthwhile, you need to know where you are now, where you want to be, and how you will get there.

Without a lot of superfluous verbage about how lofty this all is, here is what these terms mean and what the process is.

Think of goals as destinations, some places you want to go from here.

They represent your understanding of what is important to you to accomplish.

You should be able to explain your desires and intentions to someone else. This is one reason why it is so important to be able to commit them to writing. You may not actually reveal or explain them to someone else, but being able to is a must.

Imagine them; see them and feel them. Until you are able to do this, they are not yet real to you.

Plans represent your acceptance of your goals.

You have identified where you are headed; now you are outlining the directions for getting where you are now to where you want to be.

Writing specific plans is like saying you really intend to go someplace, and that somewhere is real; and you are further declaring you believe this is worthwhile and attainable.

Action steps, including schedules and responsibilities, represent your resolve and commitment to achieve.

For each plan, there must be a series of detailed and written action steps deliniating exactly what must be done, when it must be completed and who will do it.

Execution is the disciplined work . . or the "do" in "get it done".

Once you have these written, you are just about ready for ignition and "take off". This process is not a secret . . .but

The difference now, though, is you now know and understand where you are going (even see it and feel it); you know exactly what to do at each step, turn and fork along the way; and you accept your mission, believe in it and are commited to it.

Now you can fly and enjoy the ride.

But you must have goals, plans to achieve them, and take the actions necessary to make them happen. Utilize these secrets and you will succeed.

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