The essence of belief profoundly influences who we are and how we behave in very powerful ways.

Your own reality is created and determined by your beliefs.

Belief and faith and trust are often used to describe one another or interchangeably.

Faith is the acceptance of the mind, or the belief, that something is true and trustworthy.

Most of our beliefs, attitudes and values reside in our subconscious mind (our hard drive) and are the result of lifelong programming from many sources.

Everyone believes and has faith in many things, and trusts. If everything needed to be questioned all the time, our brains would become overwhelmed. So, it accepts many things as true unless and until something alters or changes a belief.

We tend to internalize the beliefs of those surrounding us when we are growing up; political, religious, prejudices, self-image, values and "common sense", for instance.

Beliefs are sometimes cateorized into "core", those we actively think about and conceptualize; and "disposistional", those we ascribe to but don't give too much thought.

Although what we believe and value has in the past been considered mostly by religion and philosophy, today it is also actively studied by psychology, sociology, physiology, medicine, biology, alternative medicine, motivation and life coaching, neuroscientists, as well as religion and philosophy.

Although most of our beliefs have been "stored" in our subconscious minds; and although our subconscious minds have been metaphoricly referred to as a computer's hard drive, an emotionless, no-nonsense database, engaging in "hardwired" behavior, it can be reprogrammed.

Our subconscious mind is described by Bruce Liption in The Biology of Belief as our "autopilot"; and the conscious as our "manual control"

And the subconscious (autopilot) mind can be reprogrammed by the conscious (manual control) mind.

There are many and various theories and techniques and practices purported to consciously change beliefs, such as prayer, meditation, affirmation, positive thinking, hypnosis, law of attraction, creative visualization, energy psychology, to name several.

Our beliefs make us who we are.

Affirm something enough and it can become part of your belief system. We do this all the time subconsciously; but you can very effectively do it with deliberate, conscious effort. Doing this gives you greater control over your beliefs and who you are.

The essence of belief and faith influences who we are and how we behave.

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