Ataxia Causes

Ataxia is caused by damage or degeneration of parts of the brain which control muscle coordination or cerebellum, which is located in the lower back of the brain.

It can be inherited or acquired. Non-inheried types are referred to as sporadic, and there are multiple reasons for occurance. If the reason for occurance remains unknown, it is referred to as idiopathic.

Known reasons for the occurance of ataxia:

**Head trauma

**Spinal damage

**Brain tumor

**Brain hemorrhage

**Viral infection

**Certain vitamin deficiencies


**Multiple Sclerosis

**Certain drugs or toxins



**Gluten sensitivity


**Cerebral Palsey


**Genetic disorders

In addition, people with ataxia can also be more sensitive to medications that cause dizziness, drowziness, blurred vision and confusion than other people.

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