Articlewriting for Targeted, Presold Traffic

Articlewriting is a good way to promote yourself and your website.

An article, say around 500 to 1000 words or so, can establish you as an authority or expert on a subject or area.

Articlewriting is also an excellent way to direct more targeted traffic to your site.

If someone reads the article and is interested in the subject or how you present your material and information, she may visit your site to learn more.

We suggest the following:

1. Have an ongoing list of subjects you would like to write about. Add to it often. Do not eliminate or categorize at this point; these are ideas. This list will have a way of morphing into interesting themes on its own; just let it percolate.

2. Here and there, research subjects you want to know more about. There may be some subjects about which you already know a good deal; and these will be easier to write about; but those areas you cannot write “from the top of your head” give you opportunities to increase your knowledge base.

3. Write on a regular and disciplined basis. Unless you are unusual, there will be plenty of times you may not want to write and find excuses not to; you must do it anyway. Set a schedule for yourself outlining when you will write and how much you will accomplish. Some people are more organized and disciplined than others; some are more extemporaneous; whichever you are, write!

4. Include what some refer to as a resource box at the end of your piece telling who you are and a link to find you. For example: Jane Doe is the owner of She writes for others and also teaches. Here is a link to her service:……………………………………………………….

5. Carefully proofread for spelling, grammar and content.

6. Submit your article to article directories, such as articlealley, articledashboard, ezinearticles, goarticles, and so on.

7. Create a directory of your own articles on your site.

Keep repeating all steps.

You now have created an interesting source of information credited to you; a way to direct presold, targeted traffic to you; a system for keeping it current; and you have added good content to your website.

And never sell yourself short; you will be pleasantly surprised how many people will find and relate to you. Articlewriting is an excellent way to promote yourself and your website. Love it, show it, and your readers will know it.

From Article Writing to Wealth