Affirmations are occuring almost constantly in your mind.

Thoughts, ideas, pictures, values, beliefs are stored there; new ones enter all the time and are processed and stored.

We are saying and repeating them every waking, even non-waking, minute (positive, negative, self-directed, other directed, valid, invalid, and on and on and on.

Your mind, consciously and unconsciously, engages in self-talk.

What you must do is decide what YOU want these thoughts to be and what YOU want to be affirming constantly.

You can take conscious control of this process with your own positive thoughts, ie, the thoughts that are positive to you, that coincide with your own goals and wants.

It is not necessary that you identify all the self-talk, either positive or negative, that goes on in your head all the time. Your measurement of whether the right talk in going on can easily be taken by the results you are getting in your life.

If you want to change your results and outcomes, you need to change your internal self-talk. This can be done with positive statements, written, repeated and believed, affirming the outcomes you desire.

Fortunately, if you really do want to control this process, you can.

The process requires that the conscious mind communicate with the subconscious mind to let it know what it is supposed to think and do. The subconscious will do what it perseives it has been told to do, but it is very literal. It is, therefore, crucial that you speak to it so you will get desired results.

We do this with positive statements, in the present tense, by the conscious to the subconscious. We deliberately decide what to say and how to say it so as to produce our desired outcomes. (see affirmations of a friend )

It is also important to see and visualize the outcomes you desire and believe they are attainable.

How do you develop the self talk that will produce the outcomes you want? As the question suggests, you must first know the outcomes you really desire.

Let's say you would like to lose some weight so you can wear that little black dress again. Create a positive image statement describing yourself in front of the mirror admiring how you look and feel in your little black dress.

I look great and feel wonderful in my little black dress again!

Can you see yourself in the mirror? Can you feel the fabric and hear the sounds the dress makes when you move around? Can you imagine going out to dinner in it? Dancing in it?

By saying and seeing and feeling and hearing and believing repeatedly and often your conscious is communicating to your subconscious that this is true and the way it is supposed to be now.

Your conscious is now doing its part by deliberatly telling the subconscuous what outocme is expected. Your subconscious will get the message and proceed to make it happen.

Depending on how complex and difficult our goals are and to what extent our past self talk created deep seated internal resistance to what we now instruct, it could take some time to see the results expectd.

Some results do seem to occur miraculously in a blink; but if you need to lose twenty pounds to be attractive and beautiful in that little black dress, you need to start affirming the result you want further in advance than an instant!

And if you want to keep the result, you must keep the positive self talk.

Affirmations work, but we cannot expect them to create something that is not possible or that you cannot believe could happen.

Remember, your subconscious is quite literal; so be accurrate, specfic, positive and present tense:

**I walk 3 miles every day

**I receive $10000 every month

**I give 10% of all I receive to charity

**I save 10% of all I receive

Affirmations are occurring constantly in your mind; you can decide and insure they are the ones you want them to be.

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