Affirmations of a Dear Friend

We have a dear friend who lends his support, gives us ideas and shares his knowledge and experience with us regarding our work here.

We knew he practiced affirming goals, and when we read his affirmations and learned how he used them, we asked if we could share this with you.

He agreed as long as he remained anonymous and we left out details specific to him. He also makes goals at the beginning of each new year, from which his affirmations are derived and complement.

Remember, they are his and thus reflect his wants and goals; but we feel they are a good example of how one person uses this tool.

He commits all to memory, handwrites them two, sometimes three times a day, and recites them out loud at least one time daily. They start more general and become more specific.

He believes in god, but acknowledges some might use a different word, such as "universe" or "all knowing". His times are usually first thing upon arising and just before going to sleep or when deeply relaxed or meditating.

Some rhyme, but that is just his style and works for him.

Here is what his look like:

I am lean, strong and healthy.

I am also wealthy!

I see what I want, deserve and expect, and I believe!

You know, it's almost funny

I so easily achieve, then always receive

So much money!

I have faith, trust god, and I care.

I commit to my success, and I dare

To love, give and prosper,

To laugh, play and smile;

And all the while

I let my Self be.

I thank god my genius is free

To finally fulfill my destiny.

I give special thanks for the love of my son;

I give thanks for the good I have done;

I give thanks for the wealth I receive;

And I thank god I can finally believe!

I thank god when I pray

That I have every day

Happiness and health,

No reason to mope;

Love and wealth,

And always, always hope.

Anything is possible!

This is the best time of my life . . . today.

Then, getting a little more specific . . .

*I am lean, strong and heathy

*I am balanced, physically, mentally and spiritually

*I receive lots of money writing for and inspiring people

*I know, trust and believe in god

*I know and see what I want, deserve and expect; and I get it

*I am self directed and in charge of my life and emotions

*I love and am loved; and I am connected

*I am free to be me, and I am

*I am generous, gracious and giving

*I appreciate others' believing in me; I do too

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