Monetize with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to monetize your website: register, put a link on your site, let the merchant do the heavy lifting and pay you commissions, and sit back and watch your bank account grow.

Where’s the catch? Here’s one of them: unless you have good solid traffic to your site, it will not matter how much affiliate marketing you do, how many merchants you have, how wonderful they all are or how fast and easy it was to get them.

Everyone will be sitting on your pages (including you) wondering when that little bell on the front door will start ringing.

So, here we are again (broken record?) telling you getting good traffic to your site is critical before you think about monetizing. The next thing we’ll be saying is you must have great content too!

But let us not lecture. We’ll assume you have built a solid foundation with valuable content for your readers; and they are coming to visit often and telling others about you; these are people who like and trust you now.

With this kind of good work and success, there will naturally be others who will want to climb on your bandwagon, so to speak, and get in front of your visitors with their products and services; and they would love to have you expend your goodwill and recommend them to those with whom you have already built a relationship.

You now have an opportunity for affiliate marketing. But here’s another catch; now that you have visitors who like and trust you, you have a responsibility to them . . . and to yourself.

You do not want to put just any merchant with just any product or service in front of your trusting clients or recommend them.

If you recommend a merchant by linking to her on your site, you want her to treat your people as well or better than you do when they click through to the merchant’s site.

Your clients (traffic), we hope, have come to expect a certain level of service, quality and respect when they visit your site; anyone you refer to them should maintain or exceed this level of satisfaction.

So, first, evaluate those you will recommend to your clients to insure they will meet the standards you expect and require.

Have clear criteria upon which you will evaluate those you will recommend, and know them; visit them, buy and use their products experience their service; know their philosophy.

Assure yourself that if you do recommend this merchant to your clients, they will appreciate it and be taken care of as well or better than you would take care of them.

Affiliate marketing can be easy and profitable long term, if you take your time and do it right.

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