Monetize With Advertising

Advertising can be an excellent way to monetize your site.

But before getting too far into this method, consider a few important points first.

Is this method right for your site and your visitors?

While this way of monetising can be presented tastefully, and some will truly be beneficial to your targeted visitors, you want to be careful not to offend them; they are too important to you.

Avoid tacky banners and moving pop-ups that interrupt (and annoy) your readers.

Have enough high quality, keyword driven content pages (30-40) and enough traffic (50-75 visitors per day) before applying.

If or when you do want to explore doing this on your site, as of this writing we recommend Google Adsense as one of the best ways to put this on your site.

They do have policies and conditions to which you must agree and adhere; but they are not unreasonable and are easy to understand and follow.

You must have a privacy policy in place on your site.

Your site needs to be clean, high quality and filled with great content; but this is something you are striving for anyway, whether you have adsense or not.

When you are ready, Google Adsense is easy and helpful.

There are good alternatives should you want or need to explore them, such as Yahoo PublishersNetwork, Bidvertize, Targetpoint, Chitika, Widgetbucks, AdBrite . . . and others.

If you decide to use SBI (which, as you may already know, we use, endorse and happily recommend), they will guide you through the entire process as they do with every other aspect of site building and marketing.

Remember, advertising can be an excellent way to monetize your website while still serving your visitors.

From Advertising to Wealth