Health and Life's Secrets Are Eclectic

Life's secrets of health are eclectic; and so is this site.

You'll find a lot of information, some opinion, a little philosophy, some how-to's, maybe some advice here and there, and, hopefully, some humor; all around a lot of subjects, but that we feel are still related in the whole scheme of things.

We really think of it all as health; but we will cover body, mind, soul, financial and environmental; with hefty sections on values, living and dying.

You'll notice some areas are shorter than others or not even published yet, but check back; we're working all the time.

At least for now, we feel a great majority of life's secrets of good health can be found within one of these categories.

But since we are building and adding to our site nearly constantly, and since we feel no particular allegiance to a rigid structure, if we find we cannot neatly fit something into one of those categories, we'll make another one.

Also, these are areas and subjects we think we know something about (after lots of academic, professional and long life experiences, including some successes and probably too many failures, maybe some humility but perhaps not enough modesty), or have spent a lot of time researching, and almost always find interesting.

When we feel others' work will add value to our content, and hopefully your experience, we will provide links to other sites.

Also, if we discover merchants we feel are honest and helpful and might enhance your trip here, we'll also provide links to them. And, yes, in the interest of disclosure, some may send us a small commission if you do business with them (after all, this is how we make our living); some do not.

And, although we have had good experiences with the people we may refer you to, we definitely want to know if your experience is different. You are much too valuable to us to have one of our referrals not treat you like royality.

So, explore and have fun. Each of the headings to the left will take you to that section and then show what is included there; the Site Map will show you everything on the site to date.

Always remember, life is eclectic, and so are its health secrets.


Health secrets, benefits and importance
The importance and benefits and secrets of good health
Wealth and its secrets are in our values
Wealth secrets are determined by our values
Values and health are related
our values reveal who we are and determin our health
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Site Map
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